Presenting excellence at every turn


We use state of the art DJI, and Parrot drones, Ricoh, and other flagship 360° cameras combined with leading edge software to bring you the highest quality deliverables, while keeping costs within budget.

Our office computers are all high-end HP, Dell and now Mac Pro workstations that can handle whatever we throw at them – CAD, video editing, rendering, intensive 3D and 360 degree processing suites and much more.

RendRR – Upping our software game

Since adding some Apple Mac Pro and iPad Pro’s to our arsenal, we have also added Vegas Pro, iMovie and LumaFusion capabilities and WOW – these are some incredible Apps! Outstanding service, flexibility, processing power, storage options, rendering ability, and quality – that is what it is all about!

Here are a few samples produced entirely with our new Mac products.

Edited completely and output with iMovie - Property Listing

LumaFusion - A collaboration with Hamfist Ink Tattoos - Timelapse Tattoo video